28th March 2017

Health Advice

Health Advice For Those Traveling To Saudi Arabia

All pilgrims should consult their GP, ideally 4-8 weeks before travel. Your GP will administer the necessary vaccinations for the visa.

Full advice can be found here

Useful Tips For Your Trip

  • When eating out, ensure that are eating from a reputable place with good hygiene standards to reduce the risk of food poisoning
  • Hajj/Umrah entails a lot of walking, it is recommended that you go for walks, visit the gym and build your stamina. The fitter you are the easier the hajj/umrah will be for yourself
  • Blisters in some cases are unavoidable however it is recommended that you have a decent pair of sandals or footwear. If you have made a recent purchase try wearing the sandals before travel. Your feet may swell therefore it may be advisable to purchase 1 size bigger than what you normally wear.
  • You are in a very hot country, it is recommended that you remain hydrate throughout the journey.
  • With visitors from every corner of the earth, most people suffer from coughing. The most is unavoidable.

DISCLAIMER : Albaseerah Hajj are not health professionals therefore for proper medical advice you should consult your GP.